QLab for Windows & its Alternatives

QLab for Windows is essential for any audio-visual professional using a Mac. To plan and carry out a seamless multimedia performance, QLab has everything you require, regardless of whether you’re working on a live theatre production, a music concert, or an installation.  We will provide all the details you need about this must-have tool and … Read more

Google Indic Keyboard for PC Windows 10, 11

Google Indic keyboard for PC is your one-stop typing assistant when you want to type in different languages rather than in English. It helps you type in 10 regional languages, making it a wholesome typing keyboard. It was first made and introduced in Android phones. But it can be used on your Windows PC and … Read more

911 VPN for PC Windows 11, 10

911 S5 VPN is a network of residential proxies that routes requests through residential IP addresses. The S5 in the name stands for a Socks5, meaning the 911 S5 proxies are Socks5 proxies. This provider has millions of residential IPs and regularly updates the pool to ensure a clean IP pool. 911 VP for PC … Read more

Truth Social for PC Windows 10, 11

Truth Social launched on February 21, 2022, is a social media application similar to Twitter and Parler, often called an alt-tech social media platform. For PC users, Truth Social is available on the web on the domain PC users can access it by registering themselves on their website. However, to run it as a … Read more

TestBook for PC Windows 10, 11

Preparing for various examinations is a very hectic task and in this world of cutthroat competition, clearing them requires a lot of structured effort and efficient test-taking strategies. Collecting study materials, looking for practice papers and test series, and arranging doubt clearance sessions can take up more time and effort than actual studies from your … Read more

Blink App for PC – How to Install on Windows 10, 11 & Mac

Are you frustrated with the multiple apps and devices security cameras use? Well, look no further! The Blink App for PC provides security to locations using innovative home-monitoring tools. The app allows you to monitor indoor and outdoor homes and workspaces.  Furthermore, the app is compatible with windows 11 and 10, 8 & 7. The … Read more

How to Download DuckDuckGo Browser for Windows 11, 10

DuckDuckGo Browser for Windows 11 PC is your best option if you want a more private and cleaner browsing experience. DuckDuckGo was created to preserve your privacy, making it difficult for others to see what you are doing online.  Some of DuckDuckGo’s key features are covered in this post, and we also offer comparable options … Read more

SHAREit for PC- How to Install on Windows 10, 11

SHAREit for PC is a popular, hugely loved, mostly downloaded, cross-platform file-sharing app. It might be tough to share pictures from your friend’s iPhone to your android device without the internet. There are tons of file-sharing apps available that work either with the help of Bluetooth or via the internet.  SHAREit for PC Technical Specifications … Read more