Truth Social for PC Windows 10, 11

Truth Social launched on February 21, 2022, is a social media application similar to Twitter and Parler, often called an alt-tech social media platform. For PC users, Truth Social is available on the web on the domain PC users can access it by registering themselves on their website. However, to run it as a desktop application, users on PC would require an emulator.  However, it has not yet been made available as an application for PC users. This article will discuss how to download Truth Social for PC.

Truth Social Specifications:

NameTruth Social
Size19 MB
CompatibilityAndroid 5.0 and above
SecurityHighly encrypted, on request data removal.
Downloads500k+ downloads
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Features of Truth Social: 

Truth and Re-truth function

Truth Social is inspired directly by Twitter, another major micro-blogging app available on the market right now. Like Twitter, you can tweet your opinions or thoughts on Truth Social. However, these posts are called “Truths” instead of tweets. A user can also “re-truth” another person’s post, similar to the retweet function available on Twitter. 

Follow celebrities and your friends.

Truth Social enables you to follow your favorite actor, politician, friends, and family members, share their opinions, and discuss hot topics.

Post pictures, and videos and write down your thoughts. 

You can now share your favorite photos, be it a picture of your dog or a vacation photo, and share them with friends and family members!

Direct message functionality

You can now send a direct message to people on the app and engage in exciting conversations with them!

Truth Social for PC alternatives:

We saw the functionalities that Truth Social offers above. However, there are many other alternatives to it available in the market. We all know about Twitter and how they are very similar in features. We will further discuss applications that can serve as an alternative to Truth Social below:

1. Gettr

Gettr is a private social media site based in the US with the same core principles as Truth Social. It provides a platform for free-speech without harsh moderation. People are free to comment about anything without the risk of censorship. Sometimes, users are even given free cash, gift cards, and products to voice their opinions online. Since its launch, it has gained the major attention of users in America where the app was used by over a million users in just 3 days.

 2. Wilkin

Wimkin is another alt-tech social network site like Truth Social where users are free to express their opinions without getting censored. One of its main features is that it uses Blockchain technology to store the user’s data. Hence, the user gets total control over his data. 

 3. Parler

Parler is another alt-tech social media app that strongly propagates free speech and no censorship on its platform. It directly gave competition to Facebook and Twitter. Back in 2020, it became a popular alternative to Twitter because of the allegations against former US president Donald Trump. 

 4. Mastodon 

Mastodon is yet another hit alternative to both Truth Social and Twitter. However, it differs in the features that it provides. With Mastodon, you can curate your feed with niches you are interested in and create a network of people interested in that domain. This specialized feed is called an “instance”. 

How to Download Truth Social for PC

Truth Social has not yet been made available as an application for PC users. You would need an Android or iOS emulator to run Truth Social as an application. The following article discusses methods to install and run the Truth Social app on your PC.

 Method 1: Using an Android emulator

Truth Social was re-launched on the Google Play store back in October 2022. To run Truth Social app on your PC, you would need an Android emulator installed first. BlueStacks is one of the most renowned Android emulators available in the market right now. Installing and using BlueStacks is easy as it can be used without registration too. It even offers synchronization with your Google Play account if you have one. The steps to install and run BlueStacks are listed below:

Steps needed to install Bluestacks on PC:

Step 1: Search for BlueStacks on your web browser. You will find the link to the application inside the first search result. Or you can simply follow the link:

Step 2: On the website, you will find a “Download Bluestacks button” on the screen. Click on it and install BlueStacks.

Step 3: Once the application is installed, run it and follow the instructions on the screen as they appear. If you have a Gmail account, log into it to sync your google account to BlueStacks.

Step 4: After successfully setting up BlueStacks, search for “Google play store” within the application using the search bar and search for “Truth Social”. Download and install Truth Social on your virtual environment and launch the application. 

Step 5: You need to create an account to use Truth Social. To create an account, enter your credentials such as e-mail or phone number. You would also need to verify your e-mail before moving further ahead. 

Method 2:

 If you are uncomfortable with an Android virtual environment, you can always use an iOS emulator. However, we would recommend using iPadian, a software that enables users to emulate the GUI of an iPad. To download iPadian and run Truth Social on it, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Visit the official website of iPadian. Scroll below to find the link called “Download for Windows”.

Note: iPadian is a paid software.

Step 2: After installing iPadian successfully on your computer, launch the application by double-clicking on the app icon. 

Step 3: Once the application is launched, search for Appstore. You must download and install Truth Social from there and launch it.

Step 4: Once Truth Social is successfully installed, launch it and create an account using your credentials. Voila! Now you can use Truth Social on your PC in an iOS environment. 


Is Truth Social for PC free?

Yes, truth social is free to use on any platform. However, it is geo-restricted to countries like the United States, Brazil, and Canada.

How to sign in on Truth Social for PC?

The steps to install and register yourselves on your PC without any errors are mentioned in the article above. You can refer to either method 1 or method 2. 

Is Truth Social available for Windows 10 & 11?

Yes, Truth Social is available for Windows 10 and 11, provided that your computer supports an emulator. 

Is Truth Social Safe to Use?

Yes, Truth Social is completely safe to use.


This article has comprehensively covered the steps needed to install Truth Social on your PC. We have also discussed other alternatives to Truth Social that share similar features and have listed the steps to register yourself on the application successfully. We hope this article has ensured you a smooth installation process in case of any error; refer to the steps thoroughly.