Google Indic Keyboard for PC Windows 10, 11

Google Indic keyboard for PC is your one-stop typing assistant when you want to type in different languages rather than in English. It helps you type in 10 regional languages, making it a wholesome typing keyboard. It was first made and introduced in Android phones. But it can be used on your Windows PC and Mac as well. You need to download some emulators, and you can easily start working on the keyboard. 

google indic keyboard for windows 10

Google Indic Keyboard for PC Specifications:

NameGoogle Indic Keyboard for PC
Size5 GB
CompatibilityWindows 7,8,10, 11, and Mac
LanguageUSA English
Downloads675 K
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Features of Google Indic Keyboard for PC

Multilingual feature:

In India, 22 official languages are present. Though the country doesn’t have a national language, all these regional languages are equally important here. But before Google, no one understood the importance of bringing the ability to type in these regional languages. This will help people handle assignments in regional languages. Now they can type easily with the Google Indic keyboard. This is certainly the best feature introduced by Google. They allow many Indians to type in their native languages. The Google Indic keyboard now allows you to type in 10 Indian languages. These languages are; Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi, Odia, Telugu, and Tamil. 

Ease of use:

You must know the language well when someone allows you to type in regional languages. You cannot type in the language if you do not know Bengali! No! Google Indic keyboard is straightforward and convenient to use, and it is very user-friendly. So, you can type in English, and the letters will automatically convert the text into the regional language you prefer. If you know how to pronounce some words in that language, now you can type that too. This feature makes it more convenient for people that do not speak the language regularly but need to use it here and there. 

Four input modes:

This Indic keyboard offers four distinctive input modes, making your job easy. The first input mode is Transliteration mode. You will get the output by just putting the right pronunciation in English. The output will be available in the language you choose. The Native keyboard allows you to type in your native language. The handwriting mode allows you to type on your computer screen effectively. Last but not least, the Hinglish keyboard. You type a word in Hindi, and the keyboard will suggest the term in both English and Hindi. You need to choose the one you want to use in your text, and you are good to go. 

Alternatives for Google Indic Keyboard for PC


This is the best alternative to the Google India keyboard. Almost all features are similar in both apps. Swiftkey allows users to enter multiple languages, but the Google Indic keyboard offers more comprehensive language selection options. Swiftkey also offers sticker pack selection, GIF searching, keyboard web searching, etc. But the Google Indic keyboard offers you more varieties.

You can download more sticker packs and GIF searching. Google keyboard also offers more input methods than Swiftkey. Swiftkey allows artificial intelligence to go through your writing pattern and guess the upcoming words. Google also uses the same feature and produces even better results. 

Chrooma Keyboard

Chrooma keyboard also predicts your upcoming words using artificial intelligence in their app. You need to type in their app for some time, and the app will analyze your writing style and pattern. After a few moments, the app will start suggesting the next words successfully. If you like different themes and colors on your keyboard, this is the best option for you. If you buy the prime version, you will get thousands of options available. Regarding the free version, the app will allow you to use only a handful of themes and colors. 

FLEKSY keyboard

This is another alternative to your age-old Google keyboard, allowing you to search in your native language as well. This is the reason people love this keyboard a lot. Besides that, you will use a new search engine here. They named it QWANT. The best part of using QWANT is that it will not record or retain anything you type. Many people do not like Google because it records your information to a great extent. So, people always look for alternatives, and here is the one for you. Swipe typing is unavailable on this keyboard, making it a bit inconvenient. 

AI.TYPE keyboard

As the name suggests, this keyboard allows you to use the full power of artificial intelligence, and this will allow you to type in your local languages and search for things. This keyboard possesses almost all the features of the Google Indic Keyboard. At the same time, it also offers some unique features like customized color options, theme options, swipe typing mode, auto-suggest emojis, etc. But the biggest problem is the number of ads you need to watch while using the app. This seems very difficult when you are continuously working on a project. 


Is Google Indic Keyboard for PC available for Free?

No, Google Indic Keyboard is not available on PC, but you can use it via Android emulators such as Bluestacks. Google recently removed the original Indic keyboard from the Play store. Still, you can download the Google Indic Keyboard apk from any sites and install it on your PC using Bluestacks.

Is Google Indic Keyboard available for Mac?

Yes, it is available and if you are a Mac user and are tense about how to download it, let us tell you this is very easy. Don’t worry about the security concerns of your system. This keyboard can be easily downloaded and installed in your system. 

Is Google Indic Keyboard for PC Safe to Use?

Google retains some of your information when you type something on its system or search for something in Google. This is their long practice, and since most of us use the google search engine, we unknowingly allow Google to keep our information stored to them. Apart from this, the app is pretty safe for users. 

Is Google Indic Keyboard for PC available for Windows 10 & 11?

This app was originally developed for Android users, and now, with the help of emulators, it can be easily used on Windows 10 and 11. 


Google Indic keyboard for PC makes your typing easy and comfortable. You can type in 10 regional languages here, and thus, your regional project typing will be easier this time. The app is available for free, and you can install it with the help of some emulators. Emulators are easily available and can be downloaded and installed for free. If you liked the app and thought it would help your work, you can now download it and start using it.