MySword Bible for PC – Windows 11 free download

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MySword Bible for PC will be your best buddy in the quench of divine knowledge. It is an app that is primarily prepared for Android devices. But can we use this on our PC? Well, yes! You can download and install the app on your PC by following some basic steps and learning the Bible from different angles. You can now compare one verse with another with the help of this wonderful app. 

MySword Bible for PC - Windows 11

MySword Bible for PC specifications

Name MySword Bible for PC
Size 16.2 MB
Compatibility Windows 7,8,10,11, and Mac
Language English USA
Security Secured
Downloads 100,000+
Ratings 5/5

Features of MySword Bible for PC:

Direct access to your reading:

You may be reading a part of the Bible on MySword Bible for PC, and you miss the line for some reasons; you can now find that with the direct access feature. There is a feature named Bookmark available on this app. This feature will help you to trace down the portion you were reading.

You can now get direct access to the dictionary. So, when you are reading the Bible on this app, you can get immediate access to the dictionary if you want to get any references. You will find lots of support links on the app. You can highlight parts of the Bible on this app and create a verse list. 

Visually pleasing: Many people cannot read the Bible on apps due to their poor eyesight. But with the MySword Bible for PC app, you can now open the Bible in full-screen mode. This will ensure that people with poor eyesight can also read the holy book. Also, you can now resize commentaries, texts, and dictionaries on the app.

You can see Bible text with pictures on this app. This will soothe your mind, and make you more interested in reading the holy Bible on this app. The app will certainly help you grow more interested in the holy Bible. 

Offline functionalities with an easy interface: You do not need an active internet connection if you want to read the Bible. It is easily accessible through the offline feature. You can now get dictionaries, samples, texts, images, graphics, devotionals, maps, and whatnot!

This app has a user-friendly interface that allows you to read the Bible easily. This app comes with an eye catchy color scheme and many arranged buttons. You do not need to become a techie to use this app. You can easily do it yourself as the interface is very easy to use. 

Voice search facility: You can now search for anything with your voice. You do not need to spend hours finding a word or a verse. You can now use your voice and search for what you need to know from the Bible. It is very convenient and saves you time to a great extent. You can use your microphone and talk about the text you want to look for.

The app will automatically start searching for the verse, the dictionary, or the version you want to look for. It will save a lot of time and lots of effort as well. 

Efficient page navigation: You can now navigate to different pages of the Bible efficiently for your reference. The page history marker will help you to locate the page you were reading. You will also be able to see how many pages you have read and how many are remaining.

This feature will help you to set a goal for your plans to finish the verse on time. If you have highlighted a part on a particular page, you can access that at any point with this amazing app’s feature. 

Alternatives of MySword Bible for PC


Probably the biggest competitor of Mysword Bible for PC. This free app offers amazing features to read and understand the holy Bible. This app also comes with an in-built dictionary which will help you to get the references for Jewish and Hebrew verses. You can also compare some known verses with another version of the Bible.

The only downside is the lack of images in this app. It doesn’t offer amazing images like MySword features, so MySword wins the competition. 

Bible by olive tree

This is another amazing alternative to MySword. Many users love this free app for its versatility. It also offers a paid version with more features. But the free version includes cloud syncing facilities. So, you can now sync your data to the cloud and get that data on any of the devices synced in that cloud.

This app also comes with a low light reading feature named dark mode. This will save your eyes from getting hurt when you read this in the dark. The downside is you need an active internet to use this app. 

AndBible Bible study

This is another amazing app that many people use globally. This app offers you many colors for the pages of the Bible. This will help you to concentrate on your studies. This app also comes with highlighting facilities and an in-built dictionary. The app looks for patrons and free uploads.

Anyone can take part in the app and edit its verses. This is the downside of the app as well as its benefit. This feature allows people to bond over the Bible, and at the same time, wrong edits can send wrong messages out there. 


Is MySword Bible for PC available for Free?

The app is partially accessible. That means you can download it free and use the basic features without difficulty. But when you want to use some advanced features, you must go to the premium mode. You can subscribe to the app, and the paid version offers more attractive services. 

Is MySword Bible for PC available for Mac?

The app is initially prepared for Android users. But you can use this app efficiently on your Mac with the help of an emulator. You can download a compatible emulator from the ios store and install it on your Mac. Now you can open the app and start reading. 

Is MySword Bible for PCs Safe to Use?

The app is safe to use. MySword Bible for PC doesn’t collect data from the reader’s end. They do not believe in selling your personal data for their benefit; hence, the app is fully secured, and you can install it on your device without hesitation. 

Is MySword Bible for PC available for Windows 10 & 11?

MySword Bible for PC is dedicatedly prepared for Android users. So, the app is fully compatible with Windows 10 and 11. If you have Windows 10 or 11 on your system, you can download and install the app for free. You can easily use the app and learn more about the holy Bible. 


We have gone through the specifications and features of MySword Bible for PC in detail. We have also offered some alternatives to this app. You can go through the FAQ section to learn more about the app and its utilities. We hope this article clears all your doubts about reading the Bible on your PC without referencing a physical dictionary by your side. This app is wholesome and will help you see the holy Bible from another angle and from another perspective.