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Clean up your Windows Registry by deleting unwanted junk files that may be slowing down your system and give your computer a fresh feeling. Use Optimizer Pro in parallel with other PC Utilities Pro products and pursue a higher measure of precaution.
Your Windows Registry is what stores your PC system settings and options which can quickly become cluttered with a lot of useless and invalid PC files and data. This unnecessary clutter is one of the main causes of slow PC performance and usually takes several hours to fix by yourself. The Optimizer Pro software tool was designed to help you decide what stays and what goes. Just scan, detect and remove any of the unwanted files to make your PC feel healthier and continue working smoothly within a few minutes!


Driver Pro gives your PC a fresh breath of air by automatically scanning and updating various out of date drivers on your computer.
First, start the system scan to inspect your computer drivers for faulty, problematic drivers that might be slowing down your PC's performance. After Driver Pro finishes sifting through its massive online library database of over 200,000 driver updates, you can choose which drivers you want to update. Your PC drivers can be instantly updated manually or automatically. Driver Pro safely downloads and installs each new update for your computer or laptop and is constantly checking for newer and better versions to install. Get Driver Pro to be sure you always have the most recent PC drivers available and stay up to date.

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