Download Solar Smash for PC Windows 10

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Solar Smash offers a different experience when played on your PC. Are you also one of those who is not a mobile game lover and enjoy gaming on the big screen? Do you love playing Solar Smash and destroying the planets using a variety of weapons? 

Download Solar Smash for PC to have a seamless gaming experience on your big screen. No more space problems, small screens, and destructive phone calls. You can download the game on your PC, be it Windows or Mac, through emulators and experience gaming easily over the big screen. 

To download Solar Smash on a PC, you just need to install emulators such as Bluestack or Emu on your PC. Once set up the emulator, download Solar Smash, install and start playing to have the best gaming experience with enhanced graphics and sound effects.

Solar Smash Specifications

Name Solar Smash
Size 165.89 MB
Compatibility Windows 7 and above as Mac
Language English
Security Checked using VirusTotal
Downloads 100,000,000+

Solar Smash Review

Solar Smash is a new-age space simulation game with physics and planetary science knowledge. It is fun to play and engage with multi-level and robust gameplay. Players can use different natural phenomena and weapons to destroy the planets and customize them accordingly. 

The gameplay is robust and realistic, with all the real effects and a well-built design. The graphics and animations are seamless, with smooth sound effects. Graphic design is a top class that gives the most of the simulator effect and makes the players feel the presence of an entire solar system with planets and galaxies. 

Other features, such as collision scenarios and their customization, statistical representation and replay, as well as leaderboard and multiplayer mode, bring along the exciting experience of actual virtual simulation experience for Solar Smash.

Features of Solar Smash

Solar Smash has multiple features that are helping it to gain popularity. If you love and are interested in planets and planetaries, Solar Smash is the game for you, with features and multiple modes of playing. 

Let’s discuss some of the best features that make the game exciting and engaging- 

Smashing Gameplay- The unique gameplay of Solar Smash is the best part of the game. It has a complete solar system with planets, moons, and stars. Weapons are uses which you can destroy the planets. 

The game has different phases; you must unlock the previous one to get into the next. By unlocking each phase, you can avail yourself of new features such as weapons and secret Planets; this is highly customizable, and you can choose the attack of your choice going forward. 

Animation and Graphics- Solar Smash makes a hit when it comes to its fantastic design and graphic elements. It gives you the most realistic feeling and makes the solar system natural with unique and smooth color effects. 

Design is the most potent element of the game, where each part feels natural with mass effect, gravity, and impact force. The planets and other celestial bodies are no less than the real-world planet, and the color variation makes it visually appealing to the players.

The natural phenomena present in the game, such as asteroids, comets, and meteor showers, are all with realistic effects and make you hooked on the simulator game throughout.

Customizable Collision Scenarios- As we said before, Solar Smash is highly customizable, and this feature makes it one of the best simulators. While there are multiple customized options at every level, you can customize the collision accordingly.

Isn’t it a significant part of the game? When you want to destroy a planet, you can choose the force of collision you want for that destruction. There are levels like a primary explanation or slow destruction. 

According to your game mood, you can choose and make the celestial bodies or weapons collide with the planets, be it a disruptive or very typical explosion that occurs on the planet. 

Comprehensive Statistics and Replay Mode- Sounds interesting, right? Yes, you can get a detailed statistical chart for Solar Samsh. It shows you the previous smash you have made using multiple weapons and natural phenomena. 

The feature allows you to analyze and review the destructions while giving you a rough idea about planetary physics. You can even replay the collision made and understand it from every angle.

Along with the share button, you can share the footage and the analytics data with your near ones to show them the success rate.

Multiplayer Mode with Leaderboard- Last but not least, the multiplayer mode of Solar Smash allows you to compete in real-time. They can even compare the score through the leaderboard and make the game more exciting with a competitive edge. 

Improve your smashing skill with new and creative ideas to destroy the planets with great force to beat online competitors. 

Alternatives to Solar Smash

If you are looking for alternatives to Solar Smash to bring changes to your regular game schedule, then the list is for you. 

Kerbal Space Program- 

The space game is a genuine alternative to Solar Smash. Kerbal Space is a space simulation game where you can customize your spacecraft. The game allows you to launch the craft into space while designing the craft with proper proportions.

While designing the craft, you must take care of the size, fuel content, and weight to launch it properly into space. Kerbal Space Program is a realistic simulator game and an exciting way to thrive in your space love with challenges and exciting rewards.

Universe Sandbox- 

Universe Sandbox is an excellent way of learning space physics. The game is similar to Solar Smash, where you can create and destroy celestial bodies such as planets, stars, and galaxies.

It is customizable, and you can create collision scenarios as well. You can even change the mass and size of the bodies while giving them an effect of your choice. Learn how planet physics works with detailed information about celestial bodies and their properties. 

Angry Birds Space- 

Angry Birds Space is a fun alternative to Solar Smash. The exciting game feature outer space with zero and planetary gravity. You must launch birds in a single shot to ensure they collide with a planet and destroy it.

The physics-based game is suitable for all age groups, and the fantastic graphics and sound effects make it one of the most exciting space games. There are different levels with obstacles and challenges with rewards such as power-ups. 

You can use those powerup for a more prominent shoot and defeat the pigs to save eggs.


Is Solar Smash available for free?

Yes, Solar Smash Simulator is available for free.

Is Solar Smash available for Mac?

Solar Smash is available for Mac; one can download it through emulators.

Is Solar Smash safe to use?

Solar Smash is safe to play and is available for multiple devices. 

Is Solar Smash available for Windows 10 & 11?

Solar Smash is available for Windows 10 & 11, and one can download it through the emulators. 


Solar Smash is a fantastic game to play on your PC. With the emulators such as Bluestack and Emu, download the game and enjoy the virtual planetary experience. The exciting features, such as graphics, sound effects, and multiplayer mode, give it a real-life bonanza and make it engaging. 

You can also change the regular schedule of games with similar games such as Angry Birds Space, Universe Sandbox, and Kerbal Space Program. 

Download Solar Smash for PC and other space-based games and enjoy the ultimate world of space with challenges and rewards. For any assistance, feel free to contact us. 

Happy Gaming!