SHAREit for PC- How to Install on Windows 10, 11

SHAREit for PC is a popular, hugely loved, mostly downloaded, cross-platform file-sharing app. It might be tough to share pictures from your friend’s iPhone to your android device without the internet. There are tons of file-sharing apps available that work either with the help of Bluetooth or via the internet. 

SHAREit for PC Technical Specifications

Size36.1 MB
CompatibilityWindows 8,9,10,11 and Mac
LanguageEnglish USA
SecuritySecured by Avast
Downloads1.8 billion
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Features of SHAREit for PC:

No internet requirement: This is probably the only file-sharing app that doesn’t require the internet to share its files. Many file-sharing apps are available, and you need the internet to share files between two devices. But you can do the same job with excellent efficiency and smoothness here. 

You can easily share files without the internet. This feature alone makes it the most downloadable file-sharing app in the world. While downloading and installing the app, you need a proper internet connection. 

But from next time on, you can connect with another device via the QR codes available there. 

Cross-platform file transfer: Another fantastic feature that makes SHAREit stand still in this competitive market is its ability to share files smoothly among cross-platforms. 

You can easily share medium to big files from your Android phone to Mac, Windows PC, and other ios devices. It is straightforward to use, and you do not need the internet for that to work. You just need to download SHAREit from app stores on different platforms for a wireless transfer

After installing the app on the desired devices. The sharing speed would be 20 MBPS which is 200 times faster than Bluetooth. 

Videos can be watched: When you use SHAREit, the app will take care of your leisure time. You do not share files between different devices only. You have a lot of other things to do here. 

You can download tons of wallpapers from the app. You can watch different types of videos on SHAREit as well. There’s a segment named Entertainment available in the app. 

You can click on that, find many videos stored, and watch anything you choose. There’s also a popular segment available where short and popular videos are available to watch. 

All types of file sharing: SHAREit not only shares your documents from one device to another, but it will also facilitate the high-speed transfer of specific data, files, songs, videos, etc. You do not need to have a proper internet connection. You need to have an appropriate file, and you can send it across to your friends. 

So, if you have a movie downloaded on your device, you can send it to your friend sitting next to you without a wire or internet connection. This is the most unique, usable, and talk-worthy feature of this fantastic file-sharing app. 

Multiple brand connectivity: Before SHAREit, there were no apps available that could become a bridge between different brands and devices. Here, you can connect two brands and platforms and securely share files over wifi

Many file-sharing apps are available on other app stores, and no one works like SHAREit. If you closely monitor, you can see how safe ios devices are. They do not share files over the internet with other brands and platforms to ensure their devices are secure. But SHAREit prioritizes file safety, which is this app’s USP. 

Alternatives of SHAREit for Personal Computer: 

Nearby Share: 

This is an active alternative to SHAREit. Google has introduced this app very recently, ensuring a speedy transfer of files from one android to another. It is said that this app is a perfect replacement for ios’s Airdrop app. This app actively shares your files within a few seconds. 

But this is available for android’s higher version mobile phones. But the most significant difference between this app and SHAREit is the cross-platform transfer. This app cannot initiate file transfer between two cross-platform devices. 

Send Anywhere: 

As the name suggests, this app can send files anywhere worldwide. The best part is that this app doesn’t change the file size. So if you are looking for quality file transfer, this is your go-to app. If you want to share some high-quality pictures with your friends, you can use this app. 

This app can send the same file to many people simultaneously. It is an active alternative to SHAREit and possesses most features of SHAREit. Send Anywhere needs a strong internet connection to operate, which makes it a wrong choice for users.  

Files by Google: 

Google keeps offering amazing apps time and again. It is a great file transfer app. Files by Google is an active file-sharing app, and this works even faster than most of its contemporaries. This app is available on the Google play store for free. This is an ad-free and bloat-free product available from Google. 

This works without the internet, making it a perfect alternative for SHAREit. This app can help you organize your files and clean your device. But, as Google launches this, it only works for Android. As it doesn’t promote cross-platform transfer, it still comes after SHAREit on the popularity list. 


This is another file-sharing app with quirky similarities to Apple’s Airdrop file-sharing app. The name also suggests something similar to Airdrop. It doesn’t have a difficult way of sharing data, and the process is straightforward. 

But you need an active and strong internet connection to transfer the data to your desired device. The data-sharing process doesn’t limit any file size. You can share whatever you want to in the desired size, and the app will not affect the file’s size. 


Is SHAREit for PC available for Free?

SHAREit is free for users. This app is free on the Google Play and ios app store. One can download the app from there and use it conveniently. 

Is SHAREit available for Mac?

Yes, SHAREit is available for Mac as well. One can easily download and install the app on his Mac. There are no hidden steps, and using this file-sharing app on your Mac is very convenient. 

Is SHAREit for PCs Safe to Use?

The best part of SHAREit is that you do not require the internet to run it. So, chances are less that your system will get hacked. With so many people using the app, you can understand how safe it is!

Is SHAREit for PC available for Windows 10 & 11?

Yes, it is available for Windows 7,10, and 11. You can follow some simple steps and download the app on your Personal Computer


Now that you know about SHAREit for PC, you can download and use the app. We hope you understand how efficient this app is and how beneficial it would be for your business. You can now share big files within a couple of minutes with the help of SHAREit. Even without the internet, you can still share files from one device to another. If you have an Android or ios device, you can try file sharing from your device to any other device.