TestBook for PC Windows 10, 11

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Preparing for various examinations is a very hectic task and in this world of cutthroat competition, clearing them requires a lot of structured effort and efficient test-taking strategies. Collecting study materials, looking for practice papers and test series, and arranging doubt clearance sessions can take up more time and effort than actual studies from your already packed schedule. A simple solution to this problem is the TestBook for PC app. You can install TestBook on Windows 10 and 11 PC and start studying. 

With the boom of Education Technology through remote Learning Management Systems in today’s world, TestBook is one of the most trusted coaching apps on the internet available for free, offering various practice tests, study materials, doubt clearance sessions, etc. all under one roof. 

TestBook Technical Specifications

Name TestBook for PC
Supported PC VersionWindows 7, 8, 10, 11, and Mac
Developer TestBook
Category Edutech
Language Multilingual 
App Version 6.18.16
Downloads 10000000+
File Size38 MB
Security In-house encryption 
PriceFree License

Features of TestBook 

End to end support

TestBook app provides end-to-end support for exam preparations for over 370 competitive exams. It covers almost all major Government Exams at no cost to the user. It also has a dedicated Supercoaching feature for major examinations like UPSC, UGC NET, CTET, RRB, SSC, PSC etc, covering various sectors such as railways, banking, PSC, engineering, and SSC. Super coaching is available for a very reasonable price. The salient features of this app are:

Free of cost

The most important feature of  TestBook for your Personal Computer is that it is free of cost, and there are over 50000 questions for exam simulation, which can be used to practice and better prepare yourself for the examination. 

Contains 3500 video

TestBook also contains 3500 videotapes for E-learning that present the experts with which you can understand how to solve the examinations and prepare yourself in a particular manner. 

Downloadable PDF based notes

It offers Downloadable PDF-based notes and Daily Current affairs coverage with downloadable PDF notes, which help you revise later during self-study. Live Classes for free from reputable teachers and Doubt clearance sessions help better understand the course materials and practice tests. 


It is a Multilingual app covering 8 languages to help you study in a language that helps you study in your preferred language.

Live Tests

Live Tests to help practice are real exams like interface and master time management and pressure management skills required for such competitive examinations. These tests also come with Detailed score analysis and area-wise suggestions for performance tracking and progress monitoring which help you to recognize your strengths and weaknesses and discover insights to improve your score. It also provides a leadership board to help you understand where you stand among other competitors and prepare accordingly. 


A special feature of the TestBook app is the SUPER COACHING feature, where the stalwarts of different domains teach. This feature is available for a price (All payment for courses comes with easy EMI options). It provides coaching by SUPER TEACHERS (India’s top educators from various academic institutions), daily live classes by experts, complete expert study material, quick doubt resolution by experts for a personalized learning experience, practice questions, and over 50,000 mock tests.


Another special and unique feature of TestBook is SKILL ACADEMY, where you can upskill and reskill yourself using various short-term skill development courses (some are free, some are paid) and be more job ready. These courses also come with Internship Certificate and Hands-on Real World Projects.

Night mode

The TestBook app comes with a Night mode so that nothing stops you while preparing for your examinations, and your eyes also do not hurt while you are learning to prepare for a self-exam.

TestBook Alternatives for Windows PC


BYJU’S is an Edutech app with a wide range of services and courses that help in online education and exam preparation for various domains. It guides students starting from early school levels (class 4) to premiere competitive exams like UPSC. To increase its reach, it has now also included AAKASH and GRADE UP in its fold.


TOEFL PREP TESTS is an online education and test preparation app that helps students prepare for the TOEFL exam through its huge store of questions and practice tests. This app makes the most of technology and ai to provide an offline mode of access to its tasks to offer mobility and flexibility of time to users; it also has an automated scoring and correction system using a database of answers that displays the users’ score as soon as the test is completed.


PRO-PRACTICE FOR TOEFL TEST PRO is a popular choice for online test preparation and education through edutech apps when it comes to preparing for the TOEFL exam. This app features flashcards, practice tests, and over 3000 questions curated by experts to help you learn critical concepts and cover all areas of learning English as a foreign language. This app helps in acing all the required sections for the test, which are reading, listening, writing, and speaking sections. It also keeps a tab on your preparation progress based on your scores and provides an depth analysis of your strengths and weaknesses. 


READY4SAT is an online education and exam preparation app dedicated to SAT preparation assistance. This app offers question-of-the-day problems and practice questions and offers lessons to navigate test concepts one by one. It monitors your progress in preparation through your scores and also offers subsidiary assistance like average SAT scores for many colleges and universities.


DAILY PRACTICE FOR THE NEW SAT is an online app for SAT preparation that offers the question of the day, multiple sets of practice examinations, and other innovative student-friendly features


Is TestBook available for Free?

Yes, TestBook is a free license platform, meaning its download and installation do not incur any cost. Most of the features inside the app are also available free of cost. However, certain specialized features like SUPER COACHING, SKILL ACADEMY, etc., require payment. Most of the paid packages are available with easy EMI options. (one can also subscribe to courses through Coin methods where regular practice lets you earn coins; 1 coin= 1 Rupee)

Is TestBook available for Mac?

No, TestBook is not available for Mac, but it can be used on a MAC device using any Emulator software available on the internet.

Is TestBook Safe to Use?

Yes, the TestBook is safe to use. It is one of the safest online learning apps available on the internet. This app uses end-to-end encryption for all its payments and communications. It also has a very stringent data security policy.

Is TestBook available for Windows 10 & 11?

No, Testbook is not available for Windows, but it can be used on a Windows (10/11) device using any Emulator software available on the internet.


TestBook for PC is considered one of the most helpful exam preparation apps available on the internet. It offers online coaching for 640+ competitive examinations from all sectors, including Government Exams, railways, banking, PSC, engineering, and SSC. 

It provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution for every exam with its 50000+ practice questions and 3500+ video lessons. You can also access multiple choice questions, doubt clearance, real-life tests, detailed score analysis, downloadable PDF notes, and Current Affairs, tutorials by Top Teachers of the country, upskilling courses, Exam preparation tips, and many more.