Super Mario Odyssey for PC windows 10

If you’ve ever played a Mario game, you’ll simply love to play Super Mario Odyssey on PC. This Mario game from Nintendo features brand-new game mechanics and a sandbox-style gameplay environment. 

This article contains all the information you need to know about the well-known Nintendo game, including instructions on how to download the Super Mario Odyssey game on PC as well as some of its best features and alternatives. Let’s learn more.

Super Mario Odyssey for pc

Technical Specifications

NameSuper Mario Odyssey 
Supported PC VersionWindows 7, 8, 10, and 11
Processor Intel Core i7-4790K
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
Memory8 GB
Download Size5.7 GB
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Download Super Mario Odyssey using Yuzu Nintendo Switch Emulator

Super Mario Odyssey is a highly-regarded platform game for the Nintendo Switch console and is known for its smooth 4K 60 FPS gameplay. While the game is only designed to be played on the Switch, you might be interested in running it on a PC using an emulator. 

The Yuzu emulator is one option known to have good performance and an easy installation process for the game. Let’s look at how you can download Super Mario Odyssey on PC.

To play Super Mario Odyssey on PC using the Yuzu emulator, you must have the following items –

  • Yuzu emulator program 
  • Latest Nintendo Switch product keys 
  • A copy of Super Mario Odyssey in either XCI or NSP file format 

Make sure that everything is properly installed on your computer before attempting to play the game. Playing Super Mario Odyssey on the Yuzu emulator using an XCI or NSP file is straightforward. You can easily find and download these files and the product keys through a quick online search.

Here’s how you can run the game on your computer.

  • Proceed to install the Yuzu emulator on your computer once you have downloaded the program. 
  • Once the installation is done, launch the Yuzu program, navigate to the “Files” menu, then select “Open Yuzu Folder” and finally “Keys”.
  • Insert the downloaded prod.keys and title.keys files into the keys folder by pasting them.
  • Relaunch Yuzu and select “Add New Game Directory”. 
  • Find and choose the folder containing the NSP or XCI file. Now you’ve added Super Mario Odyssey on the Yuzu emulator.
  • Click the Super Mario Odyssey icon to start it on your PC.

Features of Super Mario Odyssey 

Nintendo developed and released Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch gaming consoles. It is a 3D platformer. It was made available globally in October 2017 and is the 17th main Super Mario game. Along with diverse environments and difficulties for players to explore and overcome, Super Mario Odyssey contains various new and routine gameplay mechanics.

Open-world experience

Super Mario Odyssey’s open-world design is among its key characteristics. It enables independent exploration of numerous kingdoms or contrasting environments. These environments have numerous intricate details and include various difficulties. 

This covers boss fights, puzzles, and sections that involve platforms. The game offers various collectibles, costumes, power moons, and coins. By using these, you can advance through the game and unlock new abilities.


Another noteworthy aspect is the new possession mechanic, which includes various power-ups. To control various objects and enemies, Mario can use his Cappy hat, which has the ability to fling opponents. 

It makes it achievable for you to develop new skills and get around challenges that you possibly couldn’t otherwise. You could, for instance, take over a Bullet Bill and use it to fly through the air or possess a Goomba and use it to navigate confined spaces. Power-ups are also employed to solve puzzles and take down bosses.

Flexible controls 

Various control methods are available in the Super Mario Odyssey computer game. According to your individual preferences, it lets you select your ideal strategy for the game. it even includes numerous camera settings in addition to conventional button controls and motion controls. 

There are different levels of difficulty in the game as well. Included in this is an Easy Mode that makes the game more approachable for younger or less seasoned players.

Explore environments 

The game includes many different settings and tests, each with its own particular environment and theme. Everything begins in Mario’s home country, the Mushroom Kingdom. 

As you advance, you can explore various Kingdoms, including the Metro Kingdom, Sand Kingdom, Cap Kingdom, Snow Kingdom, Lost Kingdom, and more. There are challenges, power-ups, and collectibles unique to each Kingdom.

Play minigames 

You can enjoy various side activities and minigames in Super Mario Odyssey on PC, regardless of the main game. These consist of activities like playing golf, participating in a dance game with rhythm, and taking numerous challenges. Additionally, it has many unlockable accessories and outfits that you can use to customize the look of the Mario character.

Super Mario Odyssey Alternatives

Ratchet & Clank 

Many players worldwide are devoted to the popular game series Ratchet & Clank. Clank, a robot, and Ratchet, a lombax, are the powerful pair that the play centers on. To ward off evil forces, they set out on numerous adventures.

The games are notably well-known for their unusual fusion of platforming, puzzle-solving, and action-adventure gameplay that keeps you interested during your journey. You can pick up and use various tools and weapons in this series to eliminate your opponents. 

The arsenal of weapons is unique and ranges from the orthodox blaster to more unusual weapons like a wrench that can be utilized as a melee weapon and a tool to solve puzzles. The weapons can also be upgraded throughout the game, increasing power and effectiveness in battle.

Skylar & Plux

Right Nice Games created the action-adventure title Skylar & Plux. The plot revolves around the robotic companion Plux Owlsley and skilled warrior Skylar Lynxe as they travel to free their home from the grasp of evil. You must assume control of Skylar, who is endowed with various skills that let her advance in level and vanquish foes.

These skills include a grappling hook, a double jump, and a shield. Throughout the game, you can also enhance her skills so she can have more strength and is equipped to handle more difficult tasks. 

Additionally, it has a distinctive aesthetic that draws heavily from vintage 3D platformers. The game has rich, colorful graphics with natural surroundings and optimistic, personable characters. Its soundtrack is also quite remarkable, with a cheery and catchy tune that goes well with the action-packed gameplay.

A Hat in Time

Fans of vintage 3D platformers will find A Hat in Time to be a nostalgic and fun experience. The game tells the tale of a young girl named Hat Kid. She uses her magical hat to travel through several realms to gather watches and thwart the wicked Mustache Girl from destroying everything. 

Each of these worlds has its own aesthetic and set of difficulties, and its surroundings are varied and well-designed. The game also includes hats that Hat Kid can acquire and don; each has special skills and abilities. These hats bring an additional level of gameplay by being utilized to solve puzzles and fight opponents.

The fighting mechanisms in A Hat in Time are powerful and give you numerous options for taking out opponents. This contains difficult boss fights where you must make the most effective use of your skills.


How Long is Super Mario Odyssey?

It typically takes 12.5 hours to achieve the primary goal of Super Mario Odyssey’s campaign, which includes gathering at least 124 Power Moons, getting to the final boss, and taking it down.

Is there multiplayer available for Super Mario Odyssey?

Super Mario Odyssey PC game can be played online with up to 10 players with specific mods.

Will Super Mario Odyssey 2 come out?

According to multiple sources, Super Mario Odyssey 2’s release date might be around 2023 or 2024, or even later.


Playing Super Mario Odyssey on PC with the Yuzu emulator is seriously fun. You can explore this open-world environment to find various collectibles, power moons, and undiscovered secrets. Thanks to its brand-new gameplay mechanics, this sandbox-style Mario game is a top pick among those who relish playing platform-based games. 

Using the Yuzu simulator, installing the game on your PC is also incredibly easy. Go ahead and download the Super Mario Odyssey game on PC and explore all the kingdoms it offers. Please let us know if you need any help using the Yuzu emulator or if you have any other questions, and we will get back to you.