SmartNews for PC Windows 10, 11, 8.1

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Are you tired of nonsense news and never-ending ads on tv channels? Well, look no further! SmartNews for PC allows you to read and customize the information you view offline. 

The app uses machine learning to counter “fake news” and analyze over million news articles. The app is free for Mac and PC and received the best news app award in Japan by Google and Apple. 

Readers can customize headline notifications and select channels baked by themes and publications. The interface is user-friendly, colorful, and works well on devices with slower connections. 

Smartnews for PC Specifications

Name SmartNews, Inc. 
Size 86 MB iOS, 27MB Windows
Compatibility iOS, Windows
Language English, Japanese
Security Smartnews
Downloads iOS, Windows

SmartNews App for PC Features

Custom feeds and categories – To download SmartNews for PC, you will require a BlueStacks emulator. Once downloaded, you can enjoy its various features. 

SmartNews offers categories known as channels. You can customize the channels and their layout and rearrange their settings. The app provides an Add Channel section allowing you to add a single channel for quick access. 

Furthermore, the first tab on the app offers top trending stories while providing various other categories like US News, World News, Lifestyle, Tech, Sports, and Entertainment, among others. 

News Delivery System – The SmartNews app allows readers to read everything offline. You can set upto three delivery times and read the headlines later. 

The news you receive at your scheduled time does not disappear when you refresh a page. You can always read them even without an internet connection. 

However, suppose you receive too many alerts; in that case, you can always turn off or mute the notifications while storing the delivered news. 

Story Browsing – SmartNews for PC, Mac, and Android takes news reading to new heights. The intuitive interface provides tabs for each new category. 

The intelligent app continuously uploads the latest stories and stays available for offline reading mode. You can also add your Facebook and Twitter accounts to add a Social tab category. 

The Social tab category helps you to follow news stories about organizations and people you follow. Furthermore, with all the app’s customizable features, you can receive only what you want to read at your selected time. 

What to Watch – The SmartNews app has generated buzz as the top news provider, adding another feather to its hat as a shows & movie analyzer. 

You can use the app to track and watch shows & movies on Disney+, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. SmartNews analyses all movies and shows available in theatres and popular streaming networks. 

The feature is known as “What to Watch” and is a category in the entertainment channel enabling you to browse rankings, articles, and trailers. With the help of this feature, you can easily decide which show or movie to watch next. 

Fake News – SmartNews for PC, iOS, and Android has a “fake news” feature using machine learning for detection. The app uses natural language processing to organize the news properly. 

Furthermore, the app uses machine learning for political balancing algorithms. SmartNews also analyses various proprietary signals for false signals if the user read the whole article or simply shared it. 

To provide you with a variety of gems hidden on the internet, SmartNews uses algorithms for diversification. This feature allows the app to break the filter bubble and deliver the latest news not found easily on social networks. 

Alternatives of SmartNews App

Google News – 

Google News is one of the top alternatives to SmartNews for PC. The app is dedicated to presenting news in the simplest way possible. The app allows you to find important local news from around the world. 

The app uses diverse journalism and brings regional, national, local, and global news outlets. Google News is available in 40 languages across 125 countries. 

They have also redesigned and added customizable features to the Google News experience for desktops. The Google News Initiative enables them to partner with news publishers and offer programs, training, products, and funding to journalists and newsrooms. 

Pocket – 

While the Pocket app for iOS and Android is free, the Pocket Premium subscription has robust features. The Pocket app is a top-notch alternative to SmartNews for PC, allowing you to save unlimited web pages, videos, and articles – for free and with a Premium subscription. 

The app is compatible with PC, Android, iOS, and Kobo e-readers. The premium subscription offers unlimited text highlighting, custom reading layouts, eight additional font options, full-text search, a permanent library, an ad-free experience, and customized reading. 

Flipboard – 

The award-winning magazine app offers features like “notes,” allowing users to add commentary, video embeds, photos, or links. 

Launched in 2010 for users to create their own magazine, it is a popular alternative to SmartNews for PC. The app is also compatible with Android and iOS devices with a user-friendly interface. 

The features and services provided by Flipboard come under the protection of laws, copyright, trademark, and patent. The app is available for people above 16 years of age, and Flipboard complies with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. 

Inoreader – 

An app dedicated to mindful readers with automation tools to generate rules and filter content. Inoreader Pro offers advanced features allowing you to curate your content with tags and folders.  

These features include fetching full text in RSS channels, browser extensions, translation, full-loading content, broadcasting full-content versions of articles, bulk exports, and PDF attachments. 

The app is a top contender against SmartNews for PC and is compatible with the web, Android, and iOS. However, you will require to purchase the Pro version to avail the various benefits of the Inoreader app.     

Feedly – 

Another great app is Feedly, which offers customization options, read later, change appearance, and connect your Twitter and Reddit accounts. 

This smart news app is the perfect alternative to SmartNews for PC. The app is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, and all Kindle Fire devices. 

The cloud-based app offers you updates on social media posts, RSS feeds, news, blogs, and other sources. Feedly offers 100 free feeds followed by a subscription to avail of various benefits. Once downloaded and logged in, create a new feed that acts as a folder for your updated collection. 


Is SmartNews available for free?

Yes, SmartNews is a free app for PC and iOS. The SmartNews app is available on App Store and Google Play Store. 

Is SmartNews available for Mac?

SmartNews is available on Mac through an unofficial software called WebCatalog. However, the app is available for iOS and Android devices. 

Is SmartNews safe to use?

SmartNews for PC and other devices uses rigorous third-party authentication to ensure the safety of brands displayed on the app. 

Is SmartNews available for windows 10 & 11?

SmartNews is available for Windows 10, 11, 8, 8.1, 7, XP, Vista, and Surface Pro. However, you will require an emulator to download the app on a Mac or PC. 


SmartNews is a revolutionary news app allowing readers, journalists, and editors across the globe to track the latest news. The app uses algorithms to evaluate millions of human interactions, signals, and articles to produce the top 0.01% of stories. With over 50+ million readers in 150+ countries, SmartNews takes pride in delivering top stories from across the globe.