Download IMVU for PC Windows 7, 10, 11

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Want to add flair and level up your regular social media chats? IMVU is just here to do that. 

IMVU allows users to meet new people by entering virtual chat rooms with their friends. Users can customize and create their own 3D avatar and live it up in their virtual social. This article will help users understand the specifications, features, and alternatives for IMVU for PC. Some of the frequently asked questions for IMVU for PC are also addressed in this article. 

Further on, this app will also guide users to download and run IMVU for PC, which runs on Windows 10 and 11, and Mac. 

IMVU Specifications






Windows and iOS

Language English
Security Data is encrypted in transit
Downloads 10 Million plus 

Features of IMVU

IMVU is a virtual, 3D immersive experience that lets users create and explore their virtual world. Users can play together in this social metaverse, which is presently one of the largest metaverses available. Let’s see the most popular features of this app: 

Have A Virtual Life

Users can build their own perfect social life when they meet new people virtually. Make the most of the virtual world by making new friends, hosting virtual parties, going on virtual dates, & plan more fun activities with virtual people from across the world. Users can also hop onto games with their friends through IMVU’s immersive 3D social network and virtual game life.

Create Your Avatar

Users can create their personal virtual avatars customized to their liking and tastes with endless options for tailoring and personalization. With over 60 million digital goods offered for users, they can bring their virtual world by shopping without any limits and enjoy this experience. Users can render their virtual avatars with personal characters and express themselves with different and trendy clothing and accessories in chat rooms. 

Worldwide Virtual Chat Rooms

IMVU’s life simulator allows users to take their friendships to a new level. Along with the avatars, users can also create personal animated WithMoji to chat with their friends. Users can also socialize with other players through online chat rooms and make friends worldwide at every step of the way.

Availability across multiple platforms: 

IMVU is available across multiple platforms, such as personal devices, either Windows or Mac, for Android and iOS phones. IMVU desktop for Windows 10 and later from the website itself can also be operated through IMVU’s website. Users can also download the IMVU for their mobiles from the App Store or the Google Playstore. 

Alternatives of IMVU

Club Cooee: 3D Avatar Chat: 

Club Cooee is a fun and virtual social environment where you can meet new people. A genuine social chat game with millions of participants worldwide, this app is simple, fun, and cost-free to chat and meet friends. With your 3D avatar, you can attend virtual 3D chat parties at Club Cooee to meet new people and have fun. More than 500,000 bizarre costumes are available to create your 3D avatar.

With the trendiest music playing at a virtual chat party or virtual performance, users can also be the DJ. For your 3D avatar, the store offers the newest dances and routines via roleplays, parties, and social games. 

Reality: Become an Anime Avatar

Live broadcasting is made simple using REALITY! Just one tap keeps users connected, not whether they are streaming virtual avatars or having real-time game discussions with buddies! This app allows users to get started in a new online community. Users can customize their avatar, broadcast live, watch live, and check with their online friend tribe!

This app is especially for YouTubers or live to-broadcast users who love dressing up as avatars, and are accepting, welcoming, and interested in VR, AR, and 3D content. 


Dollify by Dave XP is a 3D portrait creation app for making the cutest-looking avatars on the internet. It’s very easy to use, and users can get the most beautiful results by picking their favorite items out of 14 categories. With many different items to choose from and their color variations, users can make thousands of unique combinations. Users can tag their portraits with the hashtag #dollifyapp to feature them on Dollify’s Instagram page.

ZEPETO: 3D avatar, chat & meet

ZEPETO is a global platform with more than 300 million users worldwide. Users can bring their imagination to life with infinite avatar customization and a free and great user experience. Zepeto is the most immersive adventure in the world, where users can meet friends, click pictures, and enjoy unique missions virtually. Users can make the most of this experience by creating custom items and worlds and can even earn profits.

Users can share updates to their friend feed and chat with people one-on-one. They can also make friends from all over the world with Zepeto. Users can also make the most of Zepeto, with Zepeto premium from Studio review priority to exclusive items. They can also tailor their experience by receiving special benefits that are available only for premium members. 

LINE PLAY – Our Avatar World: 

With over 75,000,000 users operating on Line Play, users can create their unique avatars and make friends worldwide. Users can create their original avatar within 3 seconds by simply uploading a selfie. With thousands of items awaiting, users can customize their avatars, animated or with the trendiest music.

Experience unique stories with a library corner. Tie up with your favorite characters, such as Hello Kitty and Rilakkuma, and grab limited edition items. Users can also record special moments in their diaries, head to the squares, and virtually hang out or play games such as soccer and fishing with their friends.


Is IMVU available for Free?

Yes, IMVU is free to download. Users can, however, avail of extra features using in-app purchases. 

Is IMVU available for Mac?

Yes, IMVU is available for Mac. The compatibility for iPhone is iOS 13.0 or later; for iPad. It is iPadOS 13.0 or later, and it is iOS 13.0 or later for the iPod touch.

Is IMVU Safe to Use?

Yes, IMVU is safe to use. IMVU specifies the data they collect from users, tracking and linking to the user profile. 

Is IMVU available for Windows 10 & 11?

Yes, IMVU is available for Windows 10 & 11. IMVU for PC can be downloaded directly from IMVU’s website directly. Users can also operate IMVU for PC through the IMVU website as well. IMVU for PC, for Windows 10 and onwards, can be downloaded directly from here: 


IMVU is hence an app that lets users customize their 3D avatar, meet and chat with new people, and create virtual goods. While free of cost, IMVU does have in-app purchases, which lets users make the most of their virtual life. Users can directly download the IMVU app for PC and use it through the IMVU website. Thus, IMVU is a great application for users who wish to make the most of virtual life and use IMVU for PC.