Download Notability for Windows PC 11,10 & Mac

Notability for PC is unquestionably worthwhile to look into if you’re looking for a note-taking tool that keeps you organized and productive. Notability has much to offer with its user-friendly design and extensive feature set. 

We’ll go through some of this fantastic note-taking tool’s top features and alternatives, and most importantly, we’ll explain how to get Notability on PC.

Technical Specifications

Name Notability for PC
Supported PC Version Windows 7, 8, 10, 11, and Mac
Developer Ginger Labs
Category Productivity
Language English
Downloads 50,000,000+
File Size 363 MB
Security Checked using VirusTotal
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Price Free
In-App Purchases Yes

Download Notability for Windows using Andy

To access Notibility on PC, you need to use an emulator as there is no direct method to download this tool on your computer.

To install Notability on your PC using Andy:

  • Download the Andy program by visiting
  • Run the installer after the download concludes to set up Andy on your PC.
  • To complete the setup, follow the on-screen installation instructions.
  • Use Andy simply by double-clicking its desktop icon after installing it.
  • Open Andy’s Google Play Store and type “Notability” on the search bar.
  • When the Notability download is complete, click the “install” button. 
  • Notability will appear on Andy’s home screen after downloading it. To open the app, simply click the Notability icon.

Notability for Windows Features


You can organize, create, and share your notes and ideas with the help of Notability for Windows, a robust note-taking and annotating tool. Here are some of the main features of the Notability app for PC.

Multiple-touch gestures 

You can use gestures and motions like pinch-to-zoom, two-finger scrolling, and many more with the Notability web app to navigate and modify your notes.

Handwriting recognition 

Written notes can be converted into typed text using superior handwriting recognition technology by Notability, making it simple to search and change afterward.

Audio recording 

You can record audio while taking notes comfortably using Notability for Windows; this can help preserve lectures, interviews, and other critical information.

PDF annotation 

Notability for Mac makes highlighting and annotating PDFs simple, enabling you to write directly on the document and add notes, drawings, and other comments.

Organizational tools 

Notability comes with several organizing features, including tags, folders, and the ability to search and sort notes based on keywords.

Sketching and drawing 

There are several drawing tools in Notability for Windows 11, including pens, markers, and highlighters used to annotate notes.

Customizable templates 

Notability allows you to make note templates, which you may use to format and lay out different notes consistently.

Text recognition (OCR) 

It is simple to uncover crucial information in pictures and screenshots thanks to Notability on Windows, which can identify and search text in images.

Customizable pen and highlighter 

Notability allows you to change the pen and highlighter’s settings, including the color, line width, and other factors. This feature helps write clear and organized notes.

Hyperlink and cross-note linking 

Accessing and referring to relevant information are simple with the Notability Windows app’s cross-note linkages and hyperlinks that you can build within your notes.

Notability alternatives for Windows


You can organize tasks, projects, and notes on one platform with the help of the productivity and managing tool Notion. With its adaptable and configurable interface, you can build databases, wikis, and notes and arrange them in your workplace. Notion is a flexible tool for individual and group use because it has an integrated calendar, to-do lists, and the capability to incorporate files and media. 

Notion also offers many templates to build other page kinds, including meeting notes, journal entries, and project management boards. It also enables teamwork, task sharing and assignment, and progress monitoring.


You can record, arrange, and access information across several devices with the well-known note-taking and organizing tool Evernote. It has several capabilities, including the capacity for text, image, audio, and video creation of notes. Evernote also offers a practical search feature that makes it simple to locate notes using keywords, tags, or text included within photos. 

It can also make reminders, exchange notes with others, and sync across various devices.

Additionally, real-time note collaboration and PDF annotation are both possible here. Evernote has a web clipper that lets you save online pages for reference or later reading.

Zoho Notebook

The cutting-edge note-taking application allows you to capture and organize data in various formats, including text, images, and audio recordings. Its user-friendly design makes organizing notes into notebooks and categories simple, facilitating quick searches and easy access to essential data.

Additionally, thanks to its built-in web clipper, you can store internet pages for later reading or reference. It also includes the option to password-protect notes for additional security. Export Notes in many file types, including PDF and Microsoft Word.

Moreover, it has a digital pen and paper feature that lets you record handwritten notes and sketches.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a set of cloud-based tools for productivity and collaboration. It is all part of Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, and Google Docs. You can interact, discuss, and create documents in real-time with these technologies. In addition, Google Workspace offers Google Meet for video conferencing, Google Forms for creating surveys, and Google Sites for creating websites. 

It even provides security and compliance features, including data loss prevention and two-factor authentication, to safeguard user data. Easy app and service integration is possible with Google Workspace. Plans range from those for small start-ups to those for massive corporations.


Keeping organized and productive notes can be made easier with NoteLedge, a feature-rich and easy-to-use tool. It is an effective note-taking and planning tool for iOS and Android devices. Its various features make it a flexible tool for professionals, students, and anyone searching for a comprehensive note-taking solution. 

Taking text, audio, and video notes, importing and annotating PDFs, documents, and more are just a few of its essential features.

In addition, NoteLedge provides several tools for organizing, including the ability to create notebooks and folders and tagging and search features. Your notes can be shared and exported in various formats, including PDF, Word, and PowerPoint.

FAQs about Notability App

Is it safe to download Notability on a PC?

The notability app on Windows is a popular note-taking and annotation tool and is available for safe download using emulators like Andy.

Is Notability Free?

While the app is free to download, you will require a paid subscription to access Notability on PC and get some of its premium features.

Can you use Notability on PC?

Sadly, Notability is not available for a direct download on a PC. This application is available for iOS. The only way you can use Notability on Windows is through an emulator.

Is Notability free for Students?

For students, Notability free version is available through Apple School Manager for educational institutions. K-12 and higher education institutions can also fully access Notability’s premium subscription features.


Notability for PC is a great app that can help you manage and organize your notes. Its easy-to-use layout and many functionalities will help you stay productive and at the top of your game. We discussed some of Notability’s top features and several substitutes that are just as useful as this note-taking application.

Additionally, we have provided you with a step-by-step tutorial on how to get Notability for Windows. So, give Notability a try immediately if you’re looking for a fantastic note-taking tool for your PC. If you encounter any problems while installing the program on your computer, please let us know in the comments.