GoodNotes for PC Windows 10, 11 & Mac Download

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Do you need help downloading GoodNotes for PC? Well, here is some good news! While the full-fledged app is yet to release for Windows, a Beta version is available. 

However, you will require an invitation email to download the Beta app for GoodNotes for PC. Nevertheless, the Beta version has several features, including the Lasso tool to resize and move your writing, a library of paper templates, and erasing, writing, or highlighting notes.

While the app is only available for iOS, some other benefits of the Beta version after installation on Windows are – multimedia options, adding colors to highlighter presets and the pen, all-purpose note templates, powerful OCR Technology, and document management. 

GoodNotes Specifications

Name GoodNotes
Size 254 MB
Compatibility iOS, Windows (Beta version)
Language French, Italian, German, English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Russian, Thai, Korean, Turkish
Security Time Base Technology Limited
Downloads iOS 14.0 or later, Windows (Beta version)

Features of GoodNotes

Multimedia Options – The GoodNotes for PC app offers multimedia support that allows you to redo your notes and drawings. The feature is popular among students who enjoy creating illustrations. 

This feature also allows you to add videos, diagrams, and pictures directly from the internet. You can also edit your notes into unique creatives. 

Furthermore, writing first drafts of letters can be shabby and unreadable. The multimedia options feature helps you re-write previous notes and add the right creatives. 

Once you enable the note-taking tool, you can use features like the eraser, highlighter, and pen tools, among others. 

Multi-purpose app – While the GoodNotes for PC Beta version is free for Windows, it offers a variety of features, including 20 free notebooks. However, the full version available for iOS comes with added benefits. 

These features include notebook personalization, the creation of folders and sub-folders, handwriting recognition, easy note sharing, flashcards, and annotated PDFs and PPTs. 

Furthermore, the app provides three free notebooks for iOS. Other valuable features include a shape tool, zoom window, pen-up mode, PDF Hyperlinks, exceptional drag & drop support, import, document tabs, lasso tool, text box tool, and image tool, among others. 

The digital notepad – GoodNotes allows creators, artists, or almost anyone to create one-of-a-kind creatives. The handwritten notes will enable you to invent just about anything with the help of a stylus. 

Furthermore, you can easily share your files and messages, and the editor can display the content with a WYSIWYG view. 

The app also provides a perpetual free version, and users can upvote features they wish to see implemented. Another perk is the high security the app offers. The app offers a policy where employees do not read the note content. Your notes are also purely found on the device’s local file system without syncing.  

User Ease – The good news is that GoodNotes is free for Schools. The Apple School Manager allows full access to the app with multiple features. 

This feature makes the app especially beneficial for students using Windows and iOS devices. Students can use GoodNotes for PC to create stunning projects using background coloring, colored texts, converting drawn content to text, all types of text features, and recovering deleted notes. 

Furthermore, business owners, project creators, and illustrators can use features like presentation mode, publishing to URL, note view counter, real-time collaboration, editing published notes, user commenting, and 3+ levels deep hierarchy. 

Goodnotes Alternative for Windows PC

Google Keep – 

GoogleKeep is one of the top-rated apps as an alternative to GoodNotes for PC. You can download the app on your PC, phone, tablet, Mac, and Android devices. 

Furthermore, the app allows you to sync all your thoughts across multiple devices. You can install the app for free and enjoy features like calendar sync, tagging, notes management, to-do list, reminders, and automatic voice memo transcription. 

The app is safe, ensuring no data is shared with third parties and encrypted in transit. You can also opt for an independent security review and request data deletion. 

ClickUp –

Another great app to organize your thoughts and actions is ClickUp. The app is one of the best alternatives to GoodNotes for PC, allowing you to collect your checklists, tasks, and notes in one place. 

With ClickUp, you can automatically post comments, sync with other tools, update statuses, and assign tasks. 

Furthermore, the app is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android, making it easy to use integrations: Monday, Zapier, Excel, Asana, and Excel. You can also customize your notes with bullets, colors, and headers. 

ClickUp has a Free Forever Plan allowing users to access notes from mobile and browser devices and create visually appealing dashboards enabling you to create and share reports. 

Zoho Notebook – 

The following top alternative to GoodNotes for PC is Zoho Notebook. Known as one of the most beautiful note-taking apps compatible with iOS, Windows, Linux, and Android. 

The app is also hundred percent free and ad-free to make things easy for users. All your notes sync safely across devices and to the cloud. Some core features include an audio card allowing you to record conversations, lectures, or meetings. 

The photo card enables you to save images, scan documents, and capture moments, and the text card will allow you to snap, sketch, jolt, record, and list your notes. You can also lock notes and notebooks on your Mac with a passcode or Touch ID. 

Monday – 

Monday has gradually gained momentum as a famous rival against GoodNotes for PC. The app best suits businesses and project managers, enabling easy workflow management and powerful integrations. 

However, the app is not free but allows users a 14-day trial period of Monday Pro. With Monday, you can quickly generate high-level roadmaps of your product goals, manage and track bugs, receive team feedback, and coordinate the project in one location. 

Some other beneficial features include 40+ integrations, 24.7 customer support, customizable permissions, easy file sharing and storing, and a Kanban view. Windows, iOS, and Android users can use the app across multiple devices. 

Notion – 

Last but not least, Notion is a top-notch alternative to GoodNotes for PC. Suitable for solopreneurs and small businesses, the app allows you to create blocks as a Notion. 

Notion offers a free plan for individual users with unlimited blocks and a paid version for two or more members. The app includes collapsing arrows, powerful tables, and a share-to-web option, and it supports 30+ media types and offers spreadsheets. 

Furthermore, the app is compatible with iOS, Windows, and Android devices. Notion is ideal for project management, creating an online workspace for teams to collaborate on various content. 


Is GoodNotes available for free?

GoodNotes offer three free notebooks for iOS, followed by a one-time purchase of $7.99. The GoodNotes for PC Beta version is free for all Windows users. 

Is GoodNotes available for Mac?

Yes, Goodnotes is available for Mac on the App store. It offers three free notebooks, and to unlock additional features, you will require a one-time purchase of $7.99. 

Is GoodNotes safe to use?

Time Base Technology Limited developed GoodNotes. The app might collect your data and does not directly link to you. 

Is GoodNotes available for Windows 10 & 11?

GoodNotes for PC is available in the Beta version. An official announcement suggests a full version launch for Windows 10 & 11 in 2023. 


As far as note-taking apps are concerned, GoodNotes and GoodNotes for PC Beta versions do justice for all users. The user-friendly interface allows creators of all ages to convert thoughts into digital formats. 

Furthermore, compatibility with Windows will increase the user base. While several other competitors in the market are suitable for iOS and Windows, GoodNotes offers security and creativity.