Download KeyNote for PC Windows 10, 11

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KeyNote is a note-taking software released by Microsoft. With the help of KeyNote, one can quickly jot down notes in an organized manner. It enables a user to format and arrange their precious notes.  It serves a similar function to popular note-taking applications such as Evernote and OneNote, which is another cross-platform product launched by Microsoft. KeyNote provides its users with a feel comparable to pen-and-paper style note-taking. In this article, we will provide you with a detailed guide on how to install and run KeyNote for your PC. 

Keynote Specifications:






Windows 7,10,11, Mac

Language English
Security Secure note-taking 
Downloads Unknown

Features of KeyNote:

It is relatively easier to use since it is dated software. As we discussed, it offers the user a fully pen-and-paper note-taking experience. The interface will give you an experience of standard Microsoft applications. There are many ways of organizing your texts within the app, like formatting paragraphs, changing font styles, writing in bold or italics, and adding bullet points or numbered lists. It even offers you features of directly embedding a note you took into an email and sending it. Key Note even offers a variety of plugins that users can utilize to make their experience intuitive. 

Alternatives of Key Note:

Since Key Note is relatively older software, there is much newer software available in the market for note-taking; we will discuss some of those applications below: 


Evernote is one of the most famous note-taking applications available in the market right now. It contains a plethora of modern features in it. It supports nested notebooks too. Evernote also supports cloud-based uploads of your notes so that you never lose them.

With its free plan, you can upload up to 60 MB of notes on its cloud server. Multiple users can collaborate too and create one notebook to store many ideas. It supports image insertion, has multiple templates available, and can even import folders. Evernote is truly a worthy contender in this list. 

Microsoft One Note 

Launched in 2003, it is yet another great software launched by Microsoft that offers much more than simple note-taking. It is available for almost all operating systems. You can run it on android, iOS, and Mac as well. Like all other note-taking applications, it offers you intuitive features to organize your notes, offers templates to beautify them, and even supports web-clipping features.

Other exciting features include adding recorded audio clips, text search, and translation from one language to another language. You can even add your handwritten notes to convert and save as a text file and support mathematical characters. 


Notion is another hit software currently available in the market. You will see many YouTubers talking about it. It is the most aesthetically pleasing application that you can use. Besides note-taking, it even offers multiple features such as tracking habits, tracking your spending behavior, creating to-do lists, saving your favorite cooking recipe, and even collaborating with your colleagues and friends to put your ideas down.

With Notion, you can create almost anything and if it seems all too confusing, many templates are already available online. This one is a must-try item on the list!

Sticky Notes by Microsoft

Sticky Notes is another renowned software that resembles the real-world post-it notes you may have used in your childhood. Sticky Notes can help you with basic tasks like creating different notes and saving them to your desktop screen, and with Microsoft OneDrive, you can even save your notes to their cloud-based facility. It is a great tool for taking notes while you are in the middle of an online lecture or a meeting. 

Click Up

Click Up is also a renowned software but is now often overshadowed by Notion. It offers a mini workspace-like UI where users can create dashboards to create one common space for all their team members. It offers adding nested tasks, which lets you inculcate several subtasks. Their tagline is, “Save one day every week, guaranteed”.

Like other apps, it offers customization offers like templates and even cloud-based storage.  Companies can use Click Up to optimize workflow and increase the accountability of employee tasks. 

How to Download KeyNote for PC:

To successfully install and run KeyNote on PC, follow the steps given below. 

Step 1: Visit You will find the download button on this site.

Step 2: Once you find the download button, install the application. Save it to a folder where it is easily accessible. 

Step 3: Once the application is installed, double-click on the app icon or the filename to launch it. 

Step 4: Once the application starts running, follow the instructions as they appear on the screen. It is easy to set up the app.

Step 5: Voila! Now you can use the application successfully to take notes!


Is KeyNote available for Free?

Key Note is legacy software that is available for users to use completely free of cost. You don’t have to purchase anything separately, although some third-party plugins might require a subscription.

Is KeyNote available for Mac?

Yes, KeyNote is available on platforms such as Mac and Windows. However, to download KeyNote on Mac, you would need to download a different file other than the one mentioned above. 

Is KeyNote Safe to Use?

Key Note is safe and secure to use, although you need to be careful about downloading it only through a trusted website. Downloading KeyNote from an untrusted source would be unsafe for your computer. 

Is KeyNote available for Windows 10 & 11?

Yes, KeyNote is available to use free of cost on platforms such as Windows 10 and 11 apart from its plugins that might probably require additional payment or subscription. 


In this article, we have discussed the features provided by Key Note. We even discussed the alternatives to it and listed down the best of them and their features too. A detailed guide also has been provided on how to install and run the software successfully without any errors. In case of any hiccups, please go through our steps again and ensure that you follow the steps carefully. We hope our article has helped you with Key Note and has answered all your questions in the FAQ section.