Zosi Smart for PC Windows 10, 11 & Mac

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Are you concerned about the security of your home or office? Do you also need to stay mobile and be able to monitor your security issues on the go? Then look no further than Zosi Smart for PC Windows 10 app. With the rising demand for remote security management systems for smart homes and offices, this app has emerged as a leading platform to serve these needs.

Zosi Smart for PC remote security management app connects to top DVRs, Security Cameras, Security Panels, etc., and comes loaded with features like a two-way communication channel, push notifications, advanced AI-enabled features, etc., to help solve all your security monitoring needs remotely. 

zosi app for windows 10

Zosi Smart Specifications

NameZosi Smart
Supported PC VersionWindows (7/8/10/11) and Mac
DeveloperZOSI Technology Co. Ltd
CategorySmart Security
App Version3.1.4.ZG
File Size46.51 MB
SecurityIn-house encryption

Features of Zosi Smart 

Remote Control

Zosi Smart on PC is an app that offers remote control over PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) of the cameras installed. This feature saves you the trouble of manually adjusting the camera whenever you need a specific view. Zosi Smart App uses a secure and dedicated P2P server to connect its app to the installed hardware to provide a completely remote innovative security solution based on cloud security for your smart homes or offices.

To take the security situation a notch higher, the Zosi Smart app has a motion detector setup that can detect motion within the area of its coverage and take a screenshot of the motion and help you analyze it later. This app’s “update IP camera” feature provides you with immense flexibility to change passwords, wifi settings, etc., remotely. Zosi Smart App lets you view the security camera feed live remotely and allows the luxury of various recording features of the feed to be viewed remotely at any convenient time.

Push Notifications 

Zosi Smart app for PC comes equipped with push notifications or alarm features. If the alarm on the installed devices is triggered or the motion detectors are set off, then you get a push notification on your mobile/PC through this app which helps you stay on top of your security situation without staying glued to your PC screen throughout the day.

Innovatively, Zosi App used AI to increase convenience by ensuring AI detects abnormal patterns or a sudden rise in motion, sound, etc., before setting off the alarm and its notification. The push notification is done to ensure false alarms can be averted to the maximum extent.

Two-way audio control 

Zosi Smart app supports the two-way audio control feature. If the installed cameras and hardware devices support this feature,e then the app can be used to communicate with anyone standing in front of the camera and also act as a doorbell communicator. 

Multi-channel viewing and advanced viewing features 

Multi-channel viewing in the Zosi Smart app allows you to remotely choose the live feed from any of the multiple cameras attached to the system and view them. The Zosi Smart app is also supported with a multi-viewer feature to enable the user to share the live video feed, recorded videos, and photos with other people of your choice; this feature allows simultaneous viewing for multiple users. 

Smart search and playback 

Zosi Smart app has an intelligent search and playback feature that helps users to search for requisite photos and videos from the pile of saved recordings using the date and time you are looking for. The Zosi Smart app brilliantly uses AI to highlight portions of the recordings which contain motions so that you never miss out on critical moments.

Alternatives of Zosi Smart

Hik Connect App 

Hik Connect app is a security management and intelligent surveillance app which can be used for remote management of security scenarios. This app has advanced features like a two-way audio/video connection, push notifications for alarms based on motion detectors, etc. This app connects with DVRs, NVRs, Security Cameras, Security Panels, etc., and helps you control your security issues remotely. 

VITEK transcendent Viewer  

VITEK Transcendent Viewer is a remote security management app in which you can view live footage from your desired camera out of an array of cameras. This app is ideal for sharing live footage and recordings, as the recordings can be shared with anyone with the user’s consent. The video size can also be altered and posted directly on social media. VITEK transcendent viewer is one of the simplest apps in this category regarding setup and configuration.

Eclipse View 

Eclipse View is a remote security monitoring and surveillance app that allows you to connect to more than 16 cameras simultaneously and view live or recorded footage from any of them. There is a provision to save footage in the favorites folder at the click of a button. This app uses cloud computing to connect the entire system and store data.

Tenvis P2P 

Tenvis P2P is an app that lets you connect and configure your P2 camera network remotely and configure each camera individually. More than 16 cameras can be connected through this network. It comes with a very secure access system equipped with rigorous authentication. This app also supports two-way audio communication. 


VS VIEWER PRO 2 is a surveillance app equipped with a 16+ channel simultaneous viewing camera setup, a two-way communication channel, remote security management for both live and recorded footage, and other advanced intelligent features.


Is Zosi Smart Connect available for Free?

Yes, Zosi Smart is a free license platform, meaning its download and installation do not incur any cost. Most of the features inside the app are also available free of cost.

Is Zosi Smart Connect available for Mac?

Zosi Smart is an app built for Android Platforms 5.0. However, it can be used on a MAC device using any Emulator software available on the internet.

Is Zosi Smart Connect Safe to Use?

Yes, Zosi Smart is safe to use. It is one of the safest online security monitoring apps available on the internet. This app uses end-to-end encryption for all its payments and communications. It also has a very stringent data security policy.

Is Zosi Smart Connect available for Windows 10 & 11?

Zosi Smart is an app built for Android Platforms 5.0. However, it can be used on Windows (10/11) devices using any Emulator software available on the internet.


Zosi Smart for PC Windows 10, 11 is a remote security management app that offers intelligent solutions for all your security and surveillance needs. It connects to DVRs, NVRs, Security Cameras, Security Panels, etc. It Lets you ultimately control the security scenarios with the help of its advanced features like a two-way communication channel, push notifications, multi-channel and multi-viewer access, intelligent search and playback, etc. Install the app for free and forget all your remote security management issues