Download Origin for PC – Windows 10, 11 & Mac

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Origin is the next generation of PC gaming, built by EA Games. Origin functions as a download manager for EA’s game vault. Origin gaming subscription offers the players access to Dead Space, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Army of Two, Titanfall, and The Sims. This article aims to provide users with information on the specifications, features, and alternatives of Origin for PC, as well as answer frequently asked questions. It will also instruct users to download and use Origin on a Windows 11 or Mac PC. 

Origin Client for PC Specifications




2 GB


Windows 10, 11, Mac and Linux

Language 19 Languages
Security Secure
Downloads 50 Million plus

Features of Origin

Powered by EA, Origin’s service has been around since June 2011. This platform gained popularity among players for the following reasons: 

Social Integration: 

Origin lets players optimize their user experience via social integration features such as profile management, direct game joining, an in-game overlay,  and networking with friends through the in-app chat. Players can also stream live games via Twitch and share their game library.

Origin also offers players community integration facilities with popular social media platforms like Facebook and playing networks like Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Nintendo Network, and Nintendo Account. Origin also offers a game library, access to the store, space to connect with friends, and the freedom to modify or change your subscription. 

Origin Store: 

The Origin platform lets individuals explore and buy games from Electronic Arts’ selection. Instead of getting a physical copy or CD key, the software links to the user’s Origin account. Hence, you can use the Origin client to download games. Origin also ensures that the game is always available for download after the purchase, and there are no restrictions on the number of downloads. 

Origin Client 

The Origin client is software, part of the Origin gaming platform, that automatically updates itself. The Client lets users download games, expansions, bonus content, and updates from Electronic Arts. It displays the status of available components.

The Origin client design resembles Steam, its closest competitor. Further on, the Origin In-Game overlay can have an off option while playing games. The client is continuously improved, upgraded, and updated by EA, with exciting features such as a Friends List and group chat. 

Convenience-based subscription model

Origin offers a 7-day trial to users, where they can decide if they wish to go ahead with the subscription. There are two subscription levels, Origin Access Basic or Origin Access Premier; users can opt for either per their preference. 

Users can access 70-100 games: however, the games available on the Vault depend on the user’s geographic location. Further on, the subscription level the player opts for determines the access to perks. 

The elite selection consists of high-priced games, the ability to play newly released games before others, reduced prices on new game purchases, and access micro-transactions referred to as MTX bonuses.  

Modes of the play 

The platform is well-suited for multiplayer and online gaming. Making friends groups is highly user-friendly, and Origin has a built-in voice and text chat option for communicating with them. After paying for an Origin subscription, users can access professional customer support and assistance through online and social media help.

Alternatives of Origin

While Origin is the only app for accessing EA’s game vault, there are multiple other such platforms that players can access. Some of them are: 


Valve introduced Steam in September 2003 to quickly update their games. Since then, it has evolved into a powerful game distribution platform. Steam is a digital storefront for multiplayer matchmaking, social networking features, and anti-piracy measures.

Steam is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Steam has become a central part of the online gaming community, and they boast one of the largest user bases of any online gaming platform. Further on, Steam can also be downloaded free of cost. The platform pricing, however, depends on the player’s in-app purchases. 


Google Stadia is a cloud-based gaming platform that allows users to stream games at 4K, 60 fps, and a high-dynamic range. One of the unique features of Stadia is its integration with YouTube through the state share feature; this allows players to view a stream and launch the game in the same save state they saved it in.

Stadia’s service is compatible with HID-class USB controllers and also has a unique controller that connects through a Wi-Fi connection. While immediate access to the service is free, players must purchase games individually to stream on Stadia. However, a Pro-tier monthly subscription is available for additional features, starting at $129 per month. 

Xbox Game Pass for PC (Beta)

Launched by Microsoft in 2019, Xbox Game Pass for PC is a gaming subscription service. This platform allows players to download and play over 100 games from various publishers. Some of the popular services include Capcom, Bethesda, and WB Games. New games come up regularly, and all games released by Microsoft are available on Game Pass on the day of their release.

Hence, users can play popular games on the release day without paying the total price for a single game copy. Xbox Game Pass for PC retails at a subscription fee of $4.99/ month. This platform is of great value for money, as it allows users to play multiple new games at a fraction of the cost of buying each game separately. is a game platform for gamers and developers worldwide. This platform boasts a library with more than 100,000 pieces of content. Developers of all sizes can upload and price their games as they see fit. The platform’s unique features help developers promote and sell their games.

Features such as Customizable store pages that display screenshots and videos of the game, and the option to provide free Steam keys to customers, make it attractive for gamers. is free of cost to download, along with the availability of in-app purchases. 


Is Origin available for Free?

EA’s Origin app for PC can be downloaded for free by users. However, games and services such as EA access need to be purchased. 

Is Origin available for Mac?

Yes, Origin is available for Mac. Users can download the same and read about specific details here: Download Origin for macOS.

Is Origin Safe to Use?

The Origin app has been safe to use and used by players for online gaming and game management since 2011. 

Is Origin available for Windows 10 & 11?

Yes, Origin is available for Windows 10 & 11 players with a PC system of a minimum of 64-bit. However, Origin, a legacy app, is being replaced by the “EA App” as the primary platform for EA’s gaming. The EA App for PC will be available to all users running a minimum 64-bit system and Windows 7 onwards, up to Windows 10 and 11. 


Launched 12 years ago, Origin is a legacy app for EA’s gaming and game management. With attractive features and subscription packages, Origin is a standout platform. Origin for PC is available for all operating systems, such as Windows and Mac. Origin for PC is available for Mac, but Windows users will have to soon migrate to the EA app. As a result, Origin for PC, especially Windows 10 and 11, will need to be updated for a seamless gaming experience.