Hik Connect for PC-  Windows 11 Free Download

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Increasing sophisticated crimes and your fast-paced mobile lifestyle almost always keep you worried about the safety and security of your home. Conventional security measures like employing a security guard or even having a CCTV Security Camera at home sometimes need to be revised. It seems necessary to see through remote access what is happening back home or at your workplace and check if it is secure. 

For such times, Hik Connect for PC Windows 11 is the solution. This mobile app connects your DVRs, NVRs, Security Cameras, Security Panels, etc., and lets you remotely monitor everything through your PC or any other device.

hik-connect download for pc windows 11

Hik Connect Technical Specifications

Name Hik Connect for PC Windows 11
Supported PC Version Windows 7/8/10/11 and MAC
Developer  Zhejiang HIK Information Technology Co., Ltd
Category  Security and Surveillance
Language English
App Version
Downloads 1000000+
File size 83.30 MB
Security In-house encryption
Price Free

Features of Hik Connect

Hik Connect provides an easy and reliable solution to all modern-day security needs. Hik Connect is a reliable platform connecting with Hik Devices like HDR, DVRs, cameras, video intercoms, and Security Panels. 

Hik Connect allows you to view real-time security surveillance and to see recorded footage of your security systems from the comfort of any location, making it a pioneer in remote management of security features. It comes with a unique alarm facility which (if) triggered, and you immediately get a notification from the app. 

The salient features of Hik Connect are as follows:

Real-Time Monitoring

Hik Connect features Real-time monitoring with PTZ control. The PTZ Control comes with innovative functions like PTZ speed adjustment, auto-scan, focus control, iris control, and auto-tracking. 

Enabled with digital zoom, if the surveillance device is compatible with the function, Hik Connect can track movements remotely brilliantly. When the camera detects a moving object, the camera will pan, tilt, and zoom to track the object until the object moves out of the field of view of the intelligent camera. 

This entire process can be carried out either along a predefined route automatically (which can be set up through advanced settings) or along any relevant route manually. The Hik Connect app also allows you to view and record video surveillance tapes from the comfort of your home, office, or any other location.

Two-Way Audio and Video Intercoms

The Hik Connect app for PC supports two-way audio intercoms and two-way video intercoms if the surveillance hardware device supports it. This two-way audio/video intercom allows you to interact with anyone near the surveillance hardware device and help you better grasp situations remotely. 

This setup can also be used to answer calls from doorbells that support the use of audio/video intercom, thus making it safer and easier to make a decision. Hik Connect, through this feature, not only allows you to monitor security situations but also allows you to have control over the situation


Hik Connect enhances your grasp of security with its unique alarm feature. As soon as the alarm on your hardware surveillance device is triggered by anything, you get a notification on your device (PC/Tablet/Cell Phone) from the app. 

This notification helps you take stock of the situation remotely and make timely interventions to prevent anything unpleasant from happening. The notification for alarm facility also makes it very efficient and valuable to be used as a baby monitor.


Hik Connect app, being a security monitor app, is highly secure and comes with safety features. It is very convenient to use and comes with a fingerprint-based secure login, allowing you to restrict its usage and protect privacy. 

It also offers top-notch data security that offers no data storage, secure encrypted data transit, and no third-party data sharing. It also provides you the freedom to ask the app to delete all your data.

Sharing with others

The Hic Connect app can also be shared with multiple users if you wish to, with restricted control for other users. This feature allows you to delegate tasks in case of monitoring the security of prominent places.

Alternatives of Hik Connect for Windows


VITEK TRANSCEND VIEWER is an app that helps users in setting and configure their surveillance cameras in a few simple steps. This app features sharing of recorded surveillance with family members as well as can they can change the size of the video to post it on various social media handles. 

You can view the total number of available cameras and tap on the desired camera number to view the live video feed


THE ECLIPSE VIEW app contains features that allow you to log in to your cloud account by entering your email, user id, and password to control all your home security devices right at your fingertips.

You can select the option to view the video feed of more than 16 cameras at the same time. You can watch a video and add it to your favorite folder by tapping on the star icon to watch it later.


TENVIS P2P app comes up with features to let you set up your P2P camera network by changing the configuration of each camera according to their needs. You can create a security code to keep all your service videos secure from unauthorized access. 

TENVIS P2P app features advanced camera search to help you add new devices to your list. You can change the quality of the video feed and the video flip to watch videos accordingly.


VS VIEWER PRO 2 is a surveillance app that helps you watch a live video feed of more than 16 security cameras simultaneously, with the option to control the video playback of each camera right at your fingertips. It features two-way audio communication so users can talk with their family members and can listen to the sounds through the camera


VEZCO GO app provides features to help you control your cameras’ live feed. You can tap on a camera to watch the video feed and change the direction by moving the camera according to your needs. It also supports motion sensors, and users can connect their sensors to get notification alerts about any activity to stay safe from burglary attempts.


Is Hik Connect available for Free?

Yes, Hik Connect is a free license platform, meaning its download and installation are not costly. Most of the features inside the app are also available free of cost.

Is Hik Connect available for Mac?

Hik Connect is an app built for Android Platforms 5.0. However, it can be used on a MAC device using any Emulator software available on the internet

Is Hik Connect Safe to Use?

Yes, Hik Connect is safe to use. It is one of the safest online security monitoring apps available on the internet. This app uses end-to-end encryption for all its payments and communications. It also has a very stringent data security policy.

Is Hik Connect available for Windows 10 & 11?

Hik Connect is an app built for Android Platforms 5.0. However, it can be used on Windows (10/11) devices using any Emulator software available on the internet.


Hik Connect for Windows PC is a security monitoring and surveillance app that can connect to all your surveillance devices and monitor them remotely. It also has various advanced and unique features like alarm notification and two-way audio/video call, which helps you be on top of your security situation. Once you install this app, it conveniently removes all your security woes and helps you stay in control from near or far.